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Dark, Deeply Engrossing Mystery - Girl A

Summary: Lex Gracie doesn't want to think about her family. She doesn't want to think about growing up in her parents' House of Horrors. And she doesn't want to think about her identity as Girl A: the girl who escaped, the eldest sister who freed her siblings... But when her mother dies in prison and leaves Lex and her siblings the family home, she can't run from her past any longer. Together with her younger sister Evie, Lex intends to turn the House of Horrors into a force for good. But first, she must come to terms with each of her siblings and the with the childhood they shared.

Review: Told in alternating storylines, this deeply engrossing novel is a dark glimpse at the long-term psychological aftermath of child abuse as told through Lex and her siblings. While it's not a thriller - I found myself eagerly turning pages to unravel the mystery of what actually happened to each of these characters. And the final twist totally got me....

It should be noted that this novel was not an easy read - and it's not for everyone - but it is an important read. If you have any triggers related to child abuse, etc, please proceed with caution. The characters were so raw, real and authentic that I often found myself having to put the book down at times for an emotional break - but it's a story that I'm glad I read and one in which I'll be reflecting on for some time.

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Desiree Gumm
Desiree Gumm
02 mar 2021

Sounds like a heavy topic . Not sure it’s it’s my cup of tea .

Me gusta
Contestando a

Yeah, it focuses more on the long-term psychological effects of childhood trauma rather than on the abuse itself. But definitely a heavy topic!

Me gusta
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