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None of This is True - A Creepy Thriller Leaves You Wondering What to Believe!

First of all, I absolutely LOVE Lisa Jewell - she's a total auto-buy author for me. However, her newest novel "None of this True" is by far, my favorite one since "Then She Was Gone", which is the thriller that introduced me to this author. I was immediately drawn into the story of Alix Summer and Josie Fair - two birthday twins who meet on their respective 45th birthdays and begin an unlikely friendship that very quickly turns weird...

Alix is a successful podcaster who features inspirational stories about women. She is also secretly struggling with a few challenges in her personal life and marriage. Josie (seems quite odd albeit harmless at first) but thinks she would be a good subject for one of Alix's podcasts so they begin meeting up to record Josie's recollections about her life.

The character of Josie is soooooo unsettling - and as she reveals more about her history, she begins also inserting herself into Alix's life. It's beyond creepy!! As the stakes ratchet up, and Josie then goes missing - Alix finds herself as the unlikely subject of her own true crime podcast. I couldn't stop turning pages...

As a final note, I listened to the audio (along with reading the book) and highly recommend it! The actual recordings of the podcast and subsequent Netflix series are absolutely riveting and I loved all the voices. It added so much to the story.... Run, don't walk to grab this one! And if Lisa Jewell is a new author for you, I encourage you also read her entire backlist.

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