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Wrong Place Wrong Time - A Unique Thriller!

With a completely unique narrative structure, this mystery thriller asks "can you stop a murder after it's already happened?"

Summary: It's late October after midnight. A mother (Jen) waits up for her teenage son who is late coming home. As she watches from the window, her son emerges walking down the street but he's not alone. He walks toward an unknown man and suddenly stabs him. Now, a man is dead and her son's future is in doubt as he's been arrested for the crime. The distraught mother falls asleep that night in despair but wakes up the next morning, and it's a day earlier in time - and then wakes up the next morning and it's another day earlier. Can she figure out the mystery and prevent the crime before it happens (again)?

Review: The concept of this book - going back in time to solve a mystery and prevent a crime in reverse - had me pulled in from the start! I really enjoyed the mind-bending narrative structure as Jen woke up another day(s) later in the past trying to figure out why her teenage son would stab a man. Honestly, once I finished, I wished I could go back and reread the whole novel again!

This was more than just a mystery thriller though. The entire book felt like a meditation on the power of mother's love and the depths a mother will go to in order to protect her child - as well as very real glimpse at the challenges of married / family life. I literally cried at the powerful and perfectly wrapped up ending as well. 5 huge stars for this one!

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