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Elektra - A Fresh Take on a Greek Myth

Greek mythology has always fascinated me, and this fresh look at an ancient story completely mesmerized me. Told from the perspective of three women - Clytemnestra, Cassandra and Elektra - this immersive story gave fresh life to the ancient story of the cursed house of Atreus.

Summary: When Clytemnestra marries Agamemnon, she ignores the insidious whispers about his family line, the House of Atreus. But when, on the eve of the Trojan War, Agamemnon betrays Clytemnestra in the most unimaginable way, she must confront the curse that has long ravaged their family. In Troy, Princess Cassandra has the gift of prophecy but carries a curse of her own: no one will ever believe what she sees. When she is shown what will happen to her beloved city when Agamemnon and his army arrive, she is powerless to stop the tragedy from unfolding. Elektra, Clytemnestra and Agamemnon’s youngest daughter, wants only for her beloved father to return home from war. But can she escape her family’s bloody history, or is her destiny bound by violence, too?

I remember reading The Iliad in high school and college but I wish I had read this book instead! Jennifer Saint gives this ancient myth a completely fresh take. Told in alternating viewpoints from three women - Cassandra, Clytemnestra and Elektra - I was able to see the Trojan War and its aftermath from a whole new perspective. This book had me scrambling to find more books to read about ancient Greek mythology, and after all, isn’t that what outstanding historical fiction should compel you to do?

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