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The Sanatorium - A Gothic-inspired crime story


This debut novel wins the award for creepy Gothic setting in a former sanatorium turned hotel in the Swiss Alps. It’s the perfect read for a snowy, cold winter day by a roaring fire with wine (of course). 🍷

Elin Warner, a detective who is on leave from her job due to a traumatic case, arrives at Le Sommet, a five-start minimalist hotel that was a formerly abandoned sanatorium, to celebrate her estranged brother Isaac's engagement to his fiancee Laure. Arriving in the midst of a threatening storm, Elin feels instantly on edge as something about the hotel makes her feel very uneasy. When Laure goes mysteriously missing the next morning just as the winter storm cuts off all access to the hotel, the fear and panic factor creeps up.

As more people start disappearing - and no other police are able to get to the hotel in the midst of the storm, Elin must investigate and figure it out by herself before they run out of time and another person goes missing.

Equal parts criminal investigation and Gothic mystery, this novel had it all for me. I also enjoyed the unraveling of the complicated relationship between Elin and her brother Issac, and their shared tragic backstory.

Throughout the story, there were several twists that I didn't see coming - and I was left guessing until the VERY end on who the ultimate perpetrator was. This one was totally worth the hype. And we definitely need to discuss the final two pages.... WHAT WAS THAT? The ending made me think and honestly, I was still mulling it over the next day.

I truly can't wait to read more from this talented author.

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Desiree Gumm
Desiree Gumm

Can’t wait to read this one !! Sounds great !!

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